I love to love, to create, to express, to laugh, to be bold. I love to dream, to smile, to glow, to make a statement. I am a hopeless romantic that is in constant quest of loving affection, beautiful things and true moments, but also quirky stuff and invigorating challenges.

All moments of happiness should have music, fireworks and sparkles. Making people blissful is my special cause and a work in progress. I envision a peaceful and creative world reflecting all the colors of the rainbow.

Inspired by life, Geisha, the tropics, DNA, dreams, love, the universe, all the stars, the moon, my father, my mother, my siblings, my friends, music, the sea, coconuts I create what makes me happy to look at, wear and style. I like to think that as long as I remain both mentally and emotionally stimulated, the possibilities before me are endless.

Nothing will stop my mind from running into fields of ideas. I believe in luck, in the energy of each piece and in the power of love.

My name is Anastasia Kessaris and I am an architect destined to channel my craftsmanship into the art of jewelry.

I am eagerly trying to create something of my own, an exciting brand, something to add to the myriads of dazzling crafted pieces that over a long, long time my loving father along with my incredibly caring mother have chosen, designed and created with passion for all the amazing people in this beautiful world full of fun.

Anastasia Kessaris
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